hate is a good emotion. it is the state one enters when one has tried everything and is so frustrated they just can’t deal with the frustration anymore so they externalize it and blame the other party.

if you want the actual answer, it is dishonest lexical shift. basicly people don’t liek it when others attempt to change words out from under them. it is why english teachers dislike alteration of irony from being a dramatic element where something happens the exact opposite of expected, to some mildly humorous coincidence. the offence is in the word which is a tool, not having the presumed capacity and can’t fit the role anymore.

this is paired with a related occurrence called ‘semantic satiation’. which basicly means people when reading a word over and over, tend to lose it’s meaning. this relates in that if you study something too much, beyond a limit, you grasp it less. so if you study rape, and the word rape is used to often that you feel exhausted by the over use of the term, your mind become more malleable and the new meaning which occurs could be different from the plurality opinion needed to communicate with the average person.

this semantic satiation often also causes equivocation (confusion about word to meaning purpose), and act verbose aka thesaurus mouth, where the speaker sounds like they are trying to use large words for the sake of using large words rather than because the larger word has some attribute or element which is necessary for the expression.

going back to the main theme, the people who are adamant about gender relations and feminism, tend to be willing to change the meaning of words which leads to strawman/unintelligible arguments and equivocation. their arguments would be more acceptable if they didn’t intentionally try to equivocate the emotional reaction to rape for things the public don’t consider to be rape. and the childish demands to compensate and ameliorate their preference are met with hostility on the ground they aren’t being honest.

they are being earnest, but their expressions are warped into a deviant ideological pretence and don’t realize they are behaving in an inviable manner which is not conducive to argument or communication. some of their sentiments are quite good, but the pretence that the majority are wrong and need to get an education- which an appeal to a pyramid scheme is fruitless and futile. they take pride in their deviant apexual bias, and feel wronged that it isn’t respected. when they dishonor their culture by being dishonest.

so, what is wrong with ‘us’ is what is wrong with you. when it comes to language, if the majority believes something and you disagree, you are wrong. you aren’t incorrect necessarily, but you are wrong. which leads to an important point regarding grasping the operative words meanings and recognizing the weakest part of an arguement and eviscerating it.

one other relevant thing is that even if the lexical shift concludes, there will still be allot of people who wont cede their loss. people who are looked at like ‘racist grandparents’ today. you likely won’t fix people’s truths but just alienate any new people who identify with them to bully and discourage people from dissenting against your preference. culture/bullying is remarkable in how it allows that indoctrination through extortion and perceived blackmail.

generalyl speaking the cause for your beliefs isn’t reason or logic but:

  • early exposure,
  • creation of parental prejudice, pattern, and preference as normal, and
  • fraternal bonds.

you are shaped first by the lexicon of your parents, and then by the preferences of your peers.

more bluntly, what is wrong with me is your opinion.