protect her?

short feminism thoughts

so i recently watched a video about a feminist saying that a man should gallantly defend her premise as a person, so she doesn’t have to demand respect for herself.

i was thinking about the entitlement attitude, and i noticed that it is a desire for men to express one specific female behaviour which we don’t do anymore, that pack mentality. i recall some instances where women act as a group to fend off predation and coddle “the vulnerable”. which simply seems to be falling out of favor and into dissonance within our individualistic culture.

honor and allegiance are expression of foolishness in our corporate world. and they are very expensive attributes to cultivate in a friend, rather than an entitlement. in a very prosex culture where ‘cheating’ is unsurprising and acceptable this degree of significance is made unlikely because it is often more of a liability than a boon.

similarly ethnic, and religious affiliation is often experienced as too expensive for the product and service received.


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