TIL about clubs

just found out men go to clubs because due to the age requirements it acts as a method to screen out underage girls. so the guy doesn’t commit accidental rape. i guess that does actually make teh behavior in clubs a part of culture rather than just alcohol culture.


so i could go to a club despite not liking alchohol. :/

  1. You could go to clubs, but drunk people are boring when you are not drunk. Bars are better than clubs since you can restrict the age even further.

    • lenybob said:

      heh- i wasn’t aware there was a difference between a bar and a club. i thought a club was just a bar with dancing.

      • It could just be me. There are bars with dance floors and then there are clubs. They are huge, obnoxious, and suck for meeting people unless they have a bar on a separate floor where you can actually talk to someone.

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