regarding an ‘annoying’ quirk

What is one thing people say that instantly makes you think they are annoying


“As a ___________, [insert non-sequitur argument here].”

e.g. “As a former pro-wrester, I think that global warming is just way to empty tax-payer pockets.”


(my responce) 


“…as a mother, for the love of god give me the drugs.”

“as a race realist, i got the track job no sweat.”

“as a girl who likes picnics, feminine hygiene products are a lie. not feminine at all, and they made the food taste weird”

“as a techie, don’t beckon me as ‘asshole’.”

“as a nudist, i don’t dodge wrenches or balls”

“as a mechanic, i don’t think ‘lawyer up’ portends masturbating.”

“as a student of phillosophy, that sir was the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.”

“as a smartass, i like waffles. luckily it is a part time gig”

“as a german, we don’t sing everywhere we go anymore.”

“as i am a belimic, you don’t the meaning of “chucking balls”.

“…as a keyboard warrior, i think you exaggerate.”

“as a singer, i like to move it- move it.”

“as an exhibitionist, i resent being confused with furniture”

“as a russian, harddrive fucks computer.”

“as a public speaker, i am not a jungle gym.”



… i think this one actually checks out as humorous rather than annoying. i wonder if people are anoyed by the jokes they just can’t get.


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