humanity to a coddled lady (poem)

humanity to a coddled lady.

>men are the only ones willing to put up with me because there’s a chance I might sleep with them if I do.

i think what she said was rather sad. it is like reading:
“i try to be funny but i’m not.
i try to be smart, and cunning, and witty, but i’m not.
i try to be pretty but i’m not.
i try to be kind and charming, but i’m not.
i’ve tried to be every good thing beyond my physical limits;
but i’m not.
i am nothing more in chance, than the risk and thrill of the hunt. i am the charity and harvest, persephone wrenched from sunken hades, to return to lofty flowered glades, but in rebirth- i yet not the spade- lost en the abyss, the frosted breath fades.
i am the embodiment of flatulent hope.
soulless as breath long gone, plunging deep into the ether, my diaphram drops as i freeze in this space but soul willn’t return- my humanity a caricature- not even mortal.

a wonderful but traggic paradigm, to think the only value one can offer as compensation is sex or sleep. the quote again

>men are the only ones willing to put up with me because there’s a chance I might sleep with them if I do.

… if I do. not ‘if they do’. seemingly “i might sleep with someone if they put up with me”. traggic that the person sees futility in attempts at self improvement, and honor/dignity identified by sexual character in this case proclivity.


it is messed up but this is earnest enough i can grasp the speaker’s consideration and meaning. it let’s me see through the door in the looking glass. deep behind the ripples of vanity, is teh over affectionate and well intended words to sheild the child and heal from pain. but the child by not having to deal with criticisms through having such support, never learned how to take failure in stride rather than personal.


i need to keep this in mind next time i have to interact with someone who expresses based on that specific type of experiance but doesn’t cite it. (i’ve not experianced similar ever so it is difficult to imagine it as a reliable world mechanic)

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  1. lenybob said:

    i wonder if the cause for some inadequacy perceptions in young women is due to high expectations of social interaction conditioned by doting parents, with marginal effort on you girl. so she suddenly has to make a ton of effort or slide into a compensatory role.

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