sad thoughts

yesterday was a chilling day (lots of snow) full of sadness. one thing got to me more than anything else giving a sense of significance to the other events.


one of the smaller events has been a couple confrontations that i’m alien to my culture. people start from a common personal standpoint which is often undeveloped by consideration. it is disheartening.


the common opinion of any demographic seems putrid in complacency, and due to thinking about wrongs, it stagnates and it creates second part frustration.


“when will it stop being their fault? more precisely when will you stop blaming them?” when they stop being at fault. you will always be guilty of your past, that isn’t reason to forget it. the spotlight effect makes it so you will remember regretable things more often than others will- but that against isn’t an argument against the vallidity of the practice. to appeal to naturalism, one would have to be able to show that we had better guilt memory but evolved out of it due to a benefit to individual genes.

(kid) “emma doesn’t like chocolate, isnt that weird?”

(some lady messing with her kid) “yes that is very weird. i don’t want her in my house, i don’t want you to marry her”

(kid) “mooom”

that isn’t clever. it is just a strange yet banal teasing.


it feels like i’m back in adolescence. antoehr person was wondering abotu the consequences of religion and it occured to me just how great a chasm there is between my vernacular and those on the other side.


they don’t seem to understand the consequence of ideals. or the desire to see self as contributive to one’s community- change for change’s sake driving allot of lexical redundency… maybe i’ll write about one of those, or share the thing about the consequences of religion.


on an unrelated note i noticed that “saying turned into ‘sane’ which allowed ‘insane’ as a misunderstanding of ‘insaying’, and a lexical shift.


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