responding to a commentary on “gang stalking”

he doesn’t sound wrong.

he sounds like he was actually a victim of a conspiracy. police stopped taking his reports, they marginalized his capacity to report. and it sounds like allot of his neighbours would fuck with him.

i mean the lazer pointer thing is sadistic. yeah he didn’t handle it normally, but at the same time you can’t fault him. the way you phrase allot of it you seem to belittle his premise of being victim to a conspiracy. though he was. a group of people are working together (aka a conspiracy) and they are keeping him imprisoned. it was a self fulfilling prophecy, but an entirely rational analysis.

people did implicitly conspire against him “to just fuck with him”. but multiple people did it. it is like if he believed in santa, everyone was in on it. it is a conspiracy.

people fuck with vulnerable people all the time. people want to provoke unstable people to allow alienation which allows them to exclude and homogenize socially. we may have a messed up family, but at least we don’t think people are tampering with our food.

“they literally drove him insane” not in teh footage you showed.

imagine you are being held captive in a hospital. he is. he is a victim to a huge conspiracy, likely because they suspect he is a danger to others, but none the less he probably sees nurses and doctors and them all working together (again all that is necessary for a conspiracy) and that proves him right. it is a catch 22, he can’t accept he is wrong because he is correct, and his very life is incontrovertible evidence. there are 3 lights.

this gets compounded because he is also correct that you do not want to get locked in a psych ward. it is very hard to get you out. as a psych student, there was a study by 3 drs where they subjected themselves to display characteristics which would admit them. and then once they stoped showing symptoms (usually after 2 or 3 weeks) they would measure the time it took before they were let out. one was let out after 6 months. the other 2 weren’t released until the former came with some university faculty to prove the two hadn’t developed a second personality. the staff didn’t think there could be value in calling the college to ask. afterwards all record of the studied doctors was erased. now that isn’t a large enough sample size to say that all mental health providers are inept, or that there is a systemic problem. it is however evidence that there is the possibility you could wind up in one of these places, and even not having ‘relapse’ wont be enough for release. what is even scarier is how blattant the evidence. one of the drs had written a textbook, his “captor” had it in his office, surely if i open the textbook and show that it is my face on the back inside cover- that would be enough to prove my identity. nope, thought it was photoshoped. and the textbook symptoms happenstance. and knowledge of psychology reinforced to the captor doc the idea that the captive had broke into his office and read everything.

i think he could have been consoled out of this earlier. “but who would have anythign really to gain/lose if the message was out there?” or “you seemed erratic and we thought you may have felt compelled to jump” would have gone a long way.

my point is, he was likely abused; and probably still is. the catharsis likely was the woman unloading how she was abused as a child, and he wasn’t capable of dealing with the emotion. you start with an apt comparison of neighbours fucking with him, like your dad would take the piss out of you. but that isn’t okay or normal behaviour. it is psychopathic. trying to cause someone to have a nervous break down is horrible. some people have weird fears, liek a fear of sharks, which could make playing jaws music and putting a shark fin lit up on their window, a bit funny. but screwing with someone over things considered legitimate enough to terrify them- is deplorable. this guy clearly has a terror of people conspiring against him, and even if they do it independently he wont interpret it as so. this reinforces/confirms not debases the fear. there is a difference between your dad doign the knife thing then. and some stranger breaking into your house to do it now. (analagous to the lazer in back yard)

what you and i find so horrible about this is that it isn’t irrational. we can literally empathize. by being an introvert he doesn’t really grasp why people harass, introverts don’t get anything from the interaction. and if you lack suffecient support right after trauma, it can warp a very bad way. he basicly has PTSD.

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