to be famous be likeable and earnest. to be wealthy allow the powerful to shit through your teeth.

he is full of shit, and i actually unsubscribed to him over this.

everything in our society is politics and machinery. you can argue against it with social justice bullshit but everything in reality works this way. part of this is niche emergence.

basicly new markets are created when other markets stagnate. some innovate around the market (washing machines replacing washboards), some adapt through the capital (peripherals, applications, software). and this continually happens.

a technology becomes commonplace and because it is so common a potential competitor has to open up a new niche focus to compete. cause you can’t match the features or the price of the developed market.

what he doesn’t understand is how there is a reciprocal relationship between demand, infrastructure, and technology. if you build a technology which requires a realistic/viable standard then you build it and people will want to migrate up to the standard if they can, which leverages the relevant companies to comply. if the company doesn’t implement a service one will pay for, then you unsubscribe. and they lower their prices, or increase their capacity. it is market pricing.

but he complains about pushing digital. at first i thought he might potentially not be aware of the value of it. but no, he just doesn’t have vision. he doesn’t understand that if there is an improvements which requires something. someone if not the community will build the infrastructure to better implement use of the available mechanism.

he bitches not just over nothing, but is actively making things worse. this could be a way to reduce costs tremendously even if you yourself don’t have the internet at home. remember blockbuster? book stores are going the same way. but in the same way some plan to print books on site and on demand, you could burn physical media of movies and games. and he fucking campaigns against it. even if you wanted a digital copy but lacked the internet, you could easily set up a USB stick to transfer between the internet portal and the stick which you take home and plug in.

and that is the kicker notice how he uses the phrase “data package”. he is complaining about something he is purchasing. it is within his consumer rights, but the message is less clear to complain about data packages on the internet than to actively shut the internet off. or organize a virtual demonstration where within 24 hours 50,000 people call in to shut their internet off. but he doesn’t call for anything. it is just a call to grin and bear it.

note, how it is “we” who are moving backwards, rather than the ISPs who are attempting to drag whatever places they can- backwards. it is WE who are doing this, not they. in his phrasing, it isn’t an affront which needs to be responded to. “that is why i fought so hard to keep these consoles from being digital only”… xbone would have been a force for change. if someone was a casual online gamer and now they couldn’t play their games, they would stop paying their internet. it wouldn’t be as clear as a thousand (or ten thousand) people colluding to cancel on a single day, but it would send a message. and what pisses me off is that he deliberately chose this. at first i thought it was accidental, but no- he expressly wants both data caps and lower data caps.

and he sally rags. “i prefer to buy digitally” then you wouldn’t be so backwards minded. you would want to improve internet connections, not destroy them. don’t lie that blatantly.

“i can’t go a day without reading a tweet or a reddit post about how frustrating this situation is.” i’ve gone weeks without reading a tweet, and i’ve never seen either a tweet or a reddit post on this topic. why would you presume that just because people talk shit on twitter companies care? companies listen to revenue- not twitter. if you can get 50,000 people to demand new terms, there will be a new option by the end of the month; more likely by the end of the week.

“this will not change without legislation” so he calls for companies to lobby? WTF. what an ire worthy asshole. he could have fixed this but instead he just asks for others to intervene. not just others but people with less of an audience. he intentionally passes the responcibilty to companies after he himself shot the solution down.



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