puritans and seccularism

i was just one a forum reading thoughts women have about various social conventions and one of them interested me.


it basicly expressed that women didn’t want a cold approach from strangers. they always wanted some premise of common ground from mutual friends to mutual hobbies. that is they actively wanted to be coerced into a relationship due to a premise of commonality. what i find curious about this is how by having common ground one sets themselves up for uncanny relationship failure.

basicly if you are skilled at some thing, and your partner is skilled at the same thing, then when you are talking about your day that thing will enter the conversation and you and your partner will judge and make suggestions because they are competent in the field.

also this linked back into the premise of women being equal to men. (getting pregnant is a myth!) so it seems the old expression of beauty as means for mate attraction is in these women’s minds replaced with technical competence. curiously the only people who can really recognize the competence are those she would be competing with if equal. and if either partner struggled the caring intent to aid the other would be corrupted by that uncanny lack of respect.


they want to date and profess the same thing. they want to do acts which perpetuate their woes, but not be held responsible for them.

this vilifying of the solution just seems strange, but i guess it is necessary if you are creating problems to conquer.


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