taint by upset

funny how one upsetting experience taints mediocre ones.

bad experiance involving possibly forsaking part of my social circle, and then when i’m looking at products trying to figure out “what is this” and i get a waste of time instead. the neutral experiance of having my time wasted becomes negative due to teh previous but completely unrelated event.


it is like anger makes people more sensitive to faux pas, and reduces tolerance of people doing things so unethical that they are already borderline worth forsaking the community which practices the precarious behaviour.


before, there is the possibility of rational discourse, but after the previous injury to identity (by loss of integrity to group identity), it incites anger and intolerance. “you are wrong, and i refuse to put up with you right now, either leave or apologise”.


it is an attempt to sublimate personal outburst to maintain the perception of cultural reliability by expelling the dissenting group/individual who refuse the pretence of personal and interpersonal/cultural authority and by extension threaten the stability/survival of the group by misleading the females. a culturally functional equivalent to death of the mate.


… and another person basicly forfeits credibility.


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