rant regarding popular opinion

why is half formed advice the most popular and prevalent?

hate is the fuel to a message, but why are things incorrect/inaccurate enough that they promulgate/spawn hate?

why are the most popular messages the passion filled claims which border critical thought without commiting that faux paw of nerdily exclusionary and ‘unwarranted’ consideration?


why is so much of “compelling” argument interred in delusional ideals?

why do chimera advocate taking what you are good at and focusing on that, and why do pheonix argue for the diversification of labour which necessitates communities through personal disempowerment… why do they pick the things which aren’t cadent (having cadence) or consonant.

“be the best you that you can be” isn’t a helpful claim to improve. you are defined not by your capacity but by your faults, and you can improve them by reducing the expression of those faults. the best advice, or at least the most earnest, a chimera would give is to not identify with those faults inorder to ‘outgrow’ those shortcomings.

but they wouldn’t say something as stupid and tautological as “do x as y however you y your x”. the indifferent second person indulgence through agnostic impartiality is literally hate. it is a blatant expression of sociopathic antipathy tantamount to a medical doctor saying the Hippocratic oath just means they won’t hurt themselves, but patients are fair game entitled to feel whatever they are compelled to feel.


and the other argument which pisses me off is about value by utility. that is you are as valuable as the service you can perform. if you truly believe it, don’t just advocate it, but express applications of the idea in a tenable way. don’t say “even you have a price tag, so value it” and proceed to give detrimental advice. 


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