object/subject – quality of herecy

religion object subject
phillosophy thing independent of mind;entity thing dependent on mind; comprehension
quantum mechanics – physics thing perceived thing not perceived
feminism reactor/victem actor/villian
christianity semipersonal; divine personal
law impartial or justified offense relative positioning/power
english physical thing topic

so i recently got irritated by some equivocation so i decided to make a list comparing a religion (heretical combination of ideologies) with the concepts named “object” and “subject”. i’m confronted by the problem of ‘bigotry’ where you can’t really interact with a person if they equivocate to a meritless meaning of the terms. and that lack of concession to terms by being a bigot, forces the other party to either accept the definition and talk on their terms or to forfiet the conversation and the sharing of knowledge in favour of the delusion of their precedence- their prejudice.


what this implicitly seems to advocate is digression to cults and group think including consensus regarding the meaning of terms for the dialect/cult.


i wonder if one can aspire towards a quality of accuracy or merely group acceptance of preferential delusion.


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