community loss

so beyond the recent take down of xanga i got a tad bit back into WoW after not having played it for years. and because i hadn’t played it in so long, i decided to try out classes i hadn’t much done before.

first instance/dungeon, i’m in i mention that i hadn’t done the instance before; which was a lie but i’d never played in a group as the class before and the instance was totally redone and i didn’t really want to try explaining the circumstance as it was with random people without previous ties. and i got called an idiot because i wasn’t aware that instances/dungeons had minimaps now, including ones which have player locations kinda shown on them.

it wasn’t nice, but i put up with it, cause i thought it was just a random thing. maybe the person had a bad day. and so the condescending remark may have made him/her feel good about his/her-self.

last night i decided to go do a different instance which was based on player vs player. again didn’t totally know what i was doing, but it was the lowbie pvp thing and it was for fairly large teams, and if people were really serious about it i’d suspect they would be in premade groups.

if i wasn’t a bit soured about being called an idiot during a previous mentioned instance, i’d have asked again for correction, but instead they made jokes about reporting me, and so i just left. yeah, it was bad mannered to leave in the middle of a game; but don’t really care, they also soured my experience.

what is weird is that the community has gone through such a change. where it used to be that you would get constructive criticism, now you are just name called. i remember this one time i was helping a friend on an alt and a completely random person whispered me asking about builds and how to level. and i gave him/her my opinion. i was teir 3 and going on teir 4 and was part of the 1% of players who actually were able to experience that teir 4 content because, frankly, most didn’t have the gear for it- and it was a gear check. but i explained the healer role and how the various classes compared in play-style and how desired the class was by guilds. no name calling about mere ignorance, allowing myself to be a resource to the community rather than a mere vent of negativity.


it is weird how casuals are such assholes. i would think they would give less of a shit about their hobby. what makes it weird is the ‘racist’ anti-noob attitube is ironic in that i probably played the game first. their seccond wave culture is the very culture the respected veterans feel hate and disgust regarding. even if they invest allot of their personal time into the game, it is relatively little compared to those who are better mannered. and the parroting just seems strange- group A hates group C for B, and group C hates group noob for B. but group A doesn’t hate group noob.

competitive and casual gamers make me sad. it is more sad when the community for a game/joy/practice are a hindrance rather than an asset. it puts WoW unplesantly close to those CoD fans who treatened the Dev over twitter. it isn’t a matter of “it is just a game” but “don’t try to ruin it for blattent or explicitly noob members”. even though humor requires degradation and ridicule, you can be silly and have fun or watch someone else have fun without humor.

you shouldn’t be the exclusory party. games liek wow were originally made as a retreat from that exact behavior.

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  1. This is the reason I do not want to start gaming again. I don’t mind people teasing each other. It’s kind of fun. However, both people should find the exchange fun. I don’t get making fun of people for being new or somehow not being instantly aware of changes in the game once picking it up again. People in games that play for the sole purpose of being an asshole are probably pathetic in real life.

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