opinion convergence


antechamber voice echoing out into the void. Speaking with pretencion only under the murmers of one’s community beta in every way. The forum is out of time slots. It is sad to come before your time, before the forum yearns to be astonished and placcated by the suggestions of your time. Pensive meandering mulling around whether to placate their previous beliefs or sheer them clean. There is not point to comment or correct unless you are the focal of attention deluged with respect and esteem and pretense of station. They wont listen any other way. There is no point I telling some that they are wrong about something let alone everything because that contention and alternative paradigm will seem like meager alternative rather than necessity, and without all the other things in a curve, it will soon be forgotten. S o one must instead:

  • indoctrinate truth to children

  • buffer overflow simple/accessible points while maintaining authority or

  • force the other person to find the answers to their own questions so they are sure to find them accessible.


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