Kill all men

apparently threatening people with violence or claiming you are going to inflict it upon them is “just provocative language”, not a threat.

if someone said to me “die cis scum” or whatever i’d think i was in imminent danger and fight back. as someone who has experienced another try to strangle me, it isn’t a rhetorical device, but something immediately accessible. i hope people face the consequences of their ignorant hyperbolic threats. it is terrorism.

note the distinction “cis people should die” vs “die cis scum”. the qualifier ‘should’ mitigates the threat, whereas the alternative is an immediate threat and act of verbal violence literally equivalent to “i’m going to enjoy killing you”. to litterally fight back out of self defense cause you think an angry mod is going to murder/lynch you is hardly unreasonable. but i bet that too would be patriarchy.

Another angry woman

Well, well, well. It seems the latest thing feminism is fighting about is the phrase “kill all men”.

So, before I launch into this defence, let me point out that nobody is actually planning to kill all men. Not even some men. It’s just a phrase, an expression of rage, a rejection of a system which is riddled with violence.

“Kill all men” is a shorthand war cry, much the same as “ACAB” or “tremble hetero swine” or “die cis scum”. It represents a structural critique, presented in a provocative fashion. While my focus here is on “kill all men”, and therefore in relation to sexist oppression specifically, these points are applicable for all oppressors and all victims of oppression who dare to feel angry.

Patriarchy harms men, it’s true, but it oppresses the fuck out of women, and there are few, if any men who are not complicit in…

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  1. I think whenever someone is fighting against an “enemy”, especially one who they see as being more powerful, they forget their “enemy” is human. In their reality, the threat “Kill All Men” can’t possibly be a threat because no woman is a threat to a man (ever). I’ll be honest, I did not read past:

    “Patriarchy harms men, it’s true, but it oppresses the fuck out of women, and there are few, if any men who are not complicit in this oppression. Most men are not rapists or abusers, but many are complicit in perpetuating this violence by spreading rape apologist myths, by failing to stand against violence against women and girls, and by simply not nailing their colours to the mast and acting as allies.”

    Then I clicked on the SCUM manifesto link, and I had nothing but gallows humor. The entire blog was missing logic and it made my head hurt. Do they not understand that both women and men are equally responsible for the so called “rape culture” to which they are referring? Probably not, because us womyn folk are ever so oppressed. I am surprised you men allow us womyn to breathe the same air you do.

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