bullying into civility

it is probably futile to try to reform an adult. and it is probably difficult to make them make concessions. the only route then is to warp their ideology into place. carpenter to their bows.  stressing and bending, and heating and steaming.

letting the form overtake the deep knotted wounds

i can stay silent as long i remember the barbarians can be kept on the other side of a wall.

i don’t need to lower myself to argue. i don’t need to furrow my brow in contemplation of idiocy, for their seed may start to sprout. that is the bigot’s strength; that is a bigot’s strength.

he is a zombie, a nephilem, an ogre, a cyclops. impenetrable to virtue and truth, for muscles and conditioning have grown too strong. he is deep in the dogma- the wisdom- of ‘his own’ favoring style to

his diversity of problem solving has settled, domesticating limited but bountiful crops “different” to him; familiar to him (puns intended). growing from his agrarian lifestyle like ideas from brow furrowed in surprise and astonishment- but not earnest wonder. the planting isn’t optimal but it is sufficient to him for the pragmatic intent glimmering behind that one eye, dull and blind, as it glimmers under an unrecognised sun.

so he grows into tradition, his romantic name for group-prejudice. the stare decisis making him more proud than any child, and more a person included in society than any role. this allows him peace with his specialization, and reconciles the antipathy expressed to life’s other crops.

those other people, those who tear into everything of value, they are the zombies. they are the ones who make the world go to shit. they cause abandonment and disrepair. they cause our children to have a fraction of what we had growing up. it was them- they did it. we aren’t so stupid to be hypocrites. we aren’t so stupid to invallidate our tradition’s integrity- it is them.


i have to remember i can allways build a wall between myself and a cyclops. by becoming the them i have to shield myself from cowardly slings of misfortune. but also if i build that shield into a wall of indifference, i emulated their immunity without loosing the vulnerability. just have a wall. a sling might transcend the entrenched defence, but also there may be nobility in the endeavour or striving to not become cyclops

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  1. This was wonderful. Thanks to your last prompt, my son is fascinated by zombies and I am loving it.

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