appeal to personhood

appeal to personhood.

appeal to imagination through incompleteness


i was listening to darkantics on youtube. and he was complaining about how he thought a superman movie would be intellectually stimulating and it wasn’t. and today he posted an adendum to mention more indepth about what he thought it lacked. and it was a curious post.


one of the things he mentions is his favorite image and how he likes how although it comes from different ideological base it intrigues him at a personal level to invest emotionally in the work.


to do this you must appeal to the emotions of the audience through creating a ‘pathetic’ character, and since you can feel where the character is coming from through shared emotional outbursts you later will feel vicariously the throws of the plot at a personal (or more accurately, familial/tribal) level.

the next thing the personhood seems to need is lack/wonder/intrigue. people need to not know what is coming while also having foreshadow so they are engages with the characters and feel ashamed when they miss the ques, which makes them watch claser and thus be more invested through lack of emotional/group distance.


together, making a person watch the character closely and experiance the trials (most importantly hardships) vicariously turns the character accessible and acceptable even if clearly used for propaganda ends; like the narnia one.

i wonder what makes the story telling style accessible to people.


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