preferred ignorance

There is no argument or knowledge which will impregnate preferred ignorance.


ignorance can be impervious when ratified with delusions of:


  • justice/nobility/piety
  • accuracy of result/conclusion
  • pathos/kindness
  • authority
  • validity/legitimacy of premise

and so the vissage- the face value or perception- when incorrect, it throws our reality out of line. often we all will act as juvenile self-absorbed contrarians.

most inane things seem this way to me. spouting something heard once by a poor source. and it is always an emotion validated by some higher culture concept; a lofty ideal still covered in spiderwebs, with bored beams rotting beneath one’s feet.



“that’s not true” fuck your truth. neither is yours for the same reason whatever ambitious delusion you may mis-attribute to it.


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